Product Features

Product Features / Modules

With an increase in regulations, it is challenging for organisations to identify relevant regulations and ensure that their business processes comply with legal provisions

Digital Document

Documents integrated into one hub helps to manage policy compliance in a systematic way. By mapping policies to regulation, risks and control, you can identify the potential gaps and risks.


Mapped stakeholders can systematically get notified on their department related compliance renewal notification through SMS and Email, on breaching of specific thresholds.

Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a database (or directory) that holds critical information about your organisation or environment that includes the stakeholders, computers and users involved. When integrated with the e-compliance software the process becomes more efficient.


Automated on-time recurring reminders can be enabled in the software and for expiry that is due, using a schedule that can be automated for recurring tasks.


Interactive dash board displays the necessary compliance detail & facilitates manage a broad range of compliance requirements for logged user.


For instant alerts and reminders, an SMS Gateway API is used to add capability to the software application. Instant communication is enabled for all stakeholders with the privilege to save time and effort.


A tight compliance management plan may involve investing in new technology that improves visibility and team alignment. A document compliance management system may usually have a complex lifecycle, an inefficient document control and management processes. These are the greatest disadvantages to companies doing business in regulatory environments. So, compliance management software ensures overall improvements in continually & consistently maintaining compliance activities throughout the enterprise.