Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Compliance is a necessary factor that protects a company from policy violations which can cost considerable reputational damage and high financial penalties to the organisation. Statutory compliance management facilitates the management of the various compliance documents & renewal of the respective documents with notification, in a user-friendly manner. The notification about compliance, alerts and reminders will be sent through SMS and Email to the responsible users and to the relevant persons (escalation persons and other users) for compliance.

Organisations need to establish a structured approach to compliance management and demonstrate their commitment to adherence. Compliance management involves the following:

Identify the laws, regulations, standards, and internal policies that apply to the organisation.

Compliance Management Process needs to:

Account for all potential risks in the product lifecycle​

Be clear and understood by all who abide by it​

Clearly allocate responsibilities​

Work seamlessly within your workflows so as not to create inefficiencies

Make clear decisions when violations occur so they can be corrected