Regulatory Compliance Management Software

Compliance is a continuous process and organizations should adopt a proactive approach to engineer the organisation’s compliance process with support of digital technology. Manage various compliance documents & renewal of respective documents with ease using ECompliance Software. Ecompliance Software application allows Organisations to standardize compliance processes and avoid the risk of non-compliance. It enables users to schedule recurring compliances in a single unified web based /cloud enabled platform for easy execution. With this digital platform business can easily handle multiple regulatory compliances, configure the pre-requisites for effective regulatory compliance management and eliminate compliance deviations.

  • Control all the statutory and legal compliance requirements of the organisation
  • Comply with Organisational laws, regulations, and standards
  • Ensure compliance readiness and avoid penalties, and reputational damage
  • Enhance the efficiency with structured processes and controls

Key Modules

Compliance is a continuous process and organisations should adopt a proactive approach to
engineer the organisation’s compliance process with support of digital technology.

  • Digital Document Management

    Documents integrated into one hub helps to manage policy compliance in a systematic way. By mapping policies to regulation, risks and control, you can identify the potential gaps and risks.
  • Escalation Chains

    Mapped stakeholders can systematically get notified on their department related compliance renewal notification through SMS and Email, on breaching of specific thresholds.
  • Active Directory Integration

    A database that holds critical information about your organisation that includes stakeholders, computers & users involved. When integrated with the eCompliance Software, the process becomes more efficient.
  • Expiry Alerts

    Automated on-time recurring reminders can be enabled in the software and for Expiry that is due, using a schedule that can be automated for recurring tasks.
  • Dashboard Reports

    Interactive dashboard displays the necessary compliance detail & facilitates Manage a broad range of compliance requirements for logged user.
  • SMS Gateway Integration

    For instant alerts and reminders an SMS Gateway API is used to add capability to the software application. Instant communication is enabled for all stakeholders with privileges to save time and effort.
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    Our Clients


    Users of the compliance software will find it easy to track and follow the process using the customised dashboard with user-friendly features.

    Embrace comprehensive sector-specific regulation for business continuity.

    The compliance process is accessible online and active at all times with the help of the software.

    The compliance process is customised with a user-friendly dashboard for tracking and follow-up.

    Access for users at all levels facilitates transparency and instant communication for decision making.

    Automated documentation and updated inputs help in quick report generation and audit.

    Allows Internal follow up with stakeholders on renewal of respective documents with ease.

    Compliance adherence should be monitored from the top, supported by good documentation practices with automation wherever possible.

    The software facilitates live communication, saving time and effort for users engaged in core activity.

    Efficiently assign tasks to users to effectively respond to, and prepare for, regulatory change.

    Taking the compliance process and documentation online helps to save costs.

    By shifting the documentation to electronic form, the software helps to reduce printing and mailing costs by offering access to documents for persons with privileges via the application online.

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